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Gas Heath Treat Forge

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I need something large to heat treat swords.

I saw the forge Don Fogg made on this site to heat treat swords and wish to know how it works.

I can get 12" pipe for the body..

I assume the burners are simarlar to the ones used in the vertical knife making furance. (I built one and works excellent.)

I've never used a digital temperture control before controlling gas.

If anyone could give a brief synops on it's operation and connection to the fuel; on/off, spark plug ignition, how it controls the gas valve, etc, it would be appreciated. Or perhaps plans or a rough drawing.

Any suggestions on the building of his forge I would appreciate.

Thanks in advance.



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I use the 55 gallon drum forge which I believe is what Don prefers now.The larger area is easier to control than using a smaller tube.I can pretty much hold temp without a controller once it heats up and levels out.That is with the same blown burner I use for the rest of my forges. I figured my drum would be rusted out by now but it still has the same paint on it as I found it. Going on four years.

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