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A Bowie for Arkansas

Terry Vandeventer

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Hi Folks,


Here is a medium-sized bowie for the upcoming Arkansas Knifemakers Show. It is forged from W-2 steel with an O-1 guard and nickel silver fittings. It has an interframe handle construction with finely fileworked liners (not visible in this home photo). The scales are presentation-grade African Blackwood.


Although its already bought 'n paid for, you can see it in person on my table at the show.









Terry Vandeventer


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It's not a style that I particularly like but I would grade the workmanship as outstanding with a well balanced design. African Blackwood makes an outstanding handle material.


Doug Lester

HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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Hi Bob,


Yeah, where is that hamon? Wish I knew! Actually it's there. Just not in the photograph. I clay harden everything and pride myself on bringing out a graceful S-shaped sweeping "temper line" on my blades. With clay I get distict lines without etching.


W-2 is new to me and I etched and finished this blade several times, never being totally satyisfied with the end result. For this particular knife I opted (in the end and after much consideration) for a shinier finish. It just looked better for the style and in conjunction with the extremely dark African Blackwood. This is the first W-2 blade I've made and although the hamon is active and attractive IMO, I certainly did not succeed in bringing it to its greatest potential. I'm looking forwad to exploring this some more.


Thanks for all the great responses, folks!


Cheers, TV

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Hi Terry,


More of your beautiful work, an excellent piece. Good to see you here.

How are things in the wonderful world of reptiles?


Aline sends her regards and wishes she'd bought the friction folder she

saw in Old Washington last year. Any chance it's still available?



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