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How to sharpen a new knife

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Ok guys getting to where I am not so embarrassed with my knives. I would love to know how the pros or anyone for that matter puts an edge on their knife after hardening.

I currently use my 2x72 hollow grinder with a worn 400grit belt. Sometimes I get it just right other times I dont and I have to make more than one pass per side and the sharpening angle is two faced.

Do you guys use a grinder or does anyone use a stone on a motor. Would love to know how you guys do it, Please enlighten me.


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I use a variety of stones, ceramics, or sometimes just sandpaper, to sharpen my knives. By the time my knives are ready for sharpening, the edge is extremely thin, almost sharp already, so it doesn't require much time to refine the edge.


The key is the angle of the secondary bevel. On most of my blades it is around 15* to 20*, but for kitchen stuff and really fine edges I'll go down to 10*, and for big wood-cutters I'll increase it to 25*... I used to use a Gatco sharpening system until I was finally able to keep a constant angle by hand. I suggest to anyone having trouble keeping the angle try one of these type sharpeners, they take all the guess-work out of the process. Start with a coarse stone, then switch to a finer stone when a fine burr raises along the entire edge. Once on your finest stone, use decreasingly less pressure. For finishing the edge I use a strop charged with simichrome paste, being careful not to over-polish...a little is all you need, just enough to remove the final burr.


Now, if we're talking about a true convex edge, with no secondary bevel, it's a whole nother ball-game.

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I use the slack belt area of my 2x72 grinder and a 30 micron belt to put a convex edge and then strop it with a piece of leather.


Bingo! That's what I do. I'm a big fan of micron belts for sharpening a convex edge. I've found I can get 'em plenty sharp enough by using 40, 30, 15, and finally 9 micron belts. You just have to watch the heat on these fine belts - I pause for a few seconds between each pass. I don't use a strop, but that can only make it sharper.



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I'm not real experienced in sharpening either, but what I've been doing is using my selection of EDM stones I'd used for polishing, and then following that up with a strop made of a wood block with leather glued to it, which is then loaded with jeweler's rouge.


Dunno if it's the best method but it gets it nice and sharp.

It'd be neat to follow it up with a strop with a finer compound to see if I can get it sharper, what's finer than jeweler's rouge?

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Everybody thanks so much for the responses, I even have a Lansky sharpening system I had not even thought of to use to sharpen a blade. I

also had never considered using stones and doing it by hand, I think I will try the stones or lansky next time. I have a feeling it will be much easier to get a respectable good looking transition from blade to edge if I do it by hand.

HSJackson, I also have some micron belts I bought about 5 years ago and never knew what to do with them I will try to sharpen my pocket knife this weekend with the slack part of my belt to see how it works.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate you guys opening my eyes to other ways of getting this done.


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