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damascus forge lining


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Hello all, I wasn't sure how to search out this question in the search engine so I'm going to start new and ask," what has everyone found to be the most durable and maintanence free coating for the bottom of a damascus forge to battle the deterioration caused by flux"? viking-sword

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The absolute best lining for the bottom of a vertical welding forge is a dragon scale. However, since they are hard to find, and hard to kill once you find one an acceptable substitute is a thick layer (3/8"-1/2") of mizzou castable refractory. You can buy small quantities of mizzou and a couple of other castable refractories from Darren Ellis at his web site http://refractory.elliscustomknifeworks.com/ Or you can put a layer of fire brick in to catch the flux.


There are plenty of posts in the forum about gas forges so you might want to poke around a little more with the search feature. Try entering "gas forge", "vertical forge", etc.



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I used a coating of Satanite refractory cement and it seems to be working ok, seems like I have to recoat about every several months or so.

I have heard the Mizzou is better though. I got both from darren Ellis, havent tried the mizzou yet though.


Chris Williams

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you can also just put down a mat of ceramic wool, and then dump a bunch of clay based kitty litter on the bottom.


when it gets nasty at the bottom, you can break it out of there and put more in.


Or if your flux is dissolving it, you can just add more on top of it.


its a fairly good insulator by itself. I am about to build a metal melting furnace out of an old 5 gallon helium tank, and I plan to line it with kitty litter, ashes, and sand.


I am also thinking about building one of those waste oil burners to power it...


Mike Lambiase

Mike Lambiase

Burning Man Forge


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