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Lil' Blackwood Hunter

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It's my pleasure to post, yet, another little hunter today.

Forged from 1" square 5160 stock and given a differential heat treatment.

Hot-blued take-down fittings and a very colorful - as far as Blackwood goes - contoured African Blackwood handle.

Overall length of 8 7/8" with a 4 1/2 inch blade.

Thanks for letting me show!


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Great looking blade, the hot bluing really works well with darker woods!

Karl, the finish you put on your wood handles is superb... would you mind lending a bit of insight to your process?

I've never put any finish on my handles -well, not really a finish.

I take all my handles through 220-400-800-1200-1500. Then a light buff with a clean loose wheel. Depending on the wood type, I use a light coat of a finishing paste wax. Then buff again with a clean loose wheel.

I also recommend to my customers to clean their handles and let dry. Finish with a coat of finishing paste wax.

Edited by Karl B. Andersen
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First off beautiful knife, I love to look at your knives.

They are very inspirational as I am trying to get into takedowns which you seem to have mastered.



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