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Small Forged Knife

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Despite the best efforts of guys like our own Adlai Stein and Richard Heinicke, as well as a lot of email correspondence from Dan Brock of Plowshare Forge, my first solo forged piece didn't quite turn out like I had envisioned. :blink:


I guess it's not that bad. It has something of a primitive look to it with all of those spots where I hit the steel too hard.


I made my first stacked handle, too, using mahogany, oak, cedar, and purpleheart.


For more pics and information, go HERE.


Thanks for looking.





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Steven and Doug, thanks for the boost. :)



Like an idiot, I warped the recurve during heat treat. I plan on re-heating it and trying to straighten it out. I was looking forward to wearing that knife, too. I want to get a little better with the hammer before trying it, as I don't want to ruin anything else on it. I was thinking of using a hide mallet to straighten it- what do you think?

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I think the shape rocks!

everyone on the board has a box of stuff they hate and that didnt turn out as planned

Mine is large well stocked and FUGLY!!!( I have made stuff that just the aperence could have been used to exorcize the salem witch trials)

it's a great knife cuz it's yours ,and a stepping stone to were you want to be


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