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pushing myself

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This knife embodies several firsts for me, the dovetail bolsters, the tapered tang, a "loveless" style handle. I feel like I pushed myself and am happy with the results. Steel: 1064Thickness: 1/4 In /Blade: 4 InO/A: 8 InGrind: Flat / ConvexFinish: Satin w/ very light scale marksHandle: Yellow Heart (similar to purple heart, but yellow)Sheath: Hand Tooled Leatheryhedc1.jpgyhedc3.jpgyhedc2.jpgyhedc4.jpg

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the other one im polshing atm whould make you grin, W2 with a smokin awesome Hamon, but im still going through the last little bit of 1065 I had, i liked it but could never quite get the activity i wanted in the hamon....


your W2 however hasn't let me down once, in fact, the one im polishing now was supposed to be a simple straight hamon and turned a little fancier than i expected, but im still working out the details with this parks 50, never used anything but water up until a month ago.....

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