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O1 steel japan sword?

Zoltan Csaszi

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Hi all,


I would like to find, worthy O1 steel from japan tanto, wakizashi, to katana prepare? :rolleyes: I know it the hamon a line will not be visible on him. Or after? :blink: I read one topic, from the broken heat treat method ( water 3 seconds, next in oil ). How let me make heat treatment differentiated between on this steel, to the achievement of the suitable endurance of the back? :huh: S.O.S please!





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i would very much NOT suggest a water quench of any sort with O1

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I think it's alright for tantos, but wouldn't the chromium content make it a tad brittle for anything larger?

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you can quench O1 in water, just about, but you'll lose 2 out of three blades. it's about the only way to get it to show a decent hamon though. clay on the back and an oil quench will give you differential hardening, but mostly because the clay acts as enough of a heat sink to stop the spine transforming in the first place.


but i agree, O1 isn't really suitible for swords, and i wouldn't water quench anything of O1 over about 7"




this is one posted by mushisushi last year, which was normalised 3 times and water quenched. but really, there's no substitute for plain carbon steel, except tamahagane.

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Zoltan, you are only going to get so much toughness from O1 because of it's high carbon content, which I believe is close to 1%. It will give great wear resistance but will tend to be brittle. I'd look for a steel with a 0.5-0.6% carbon content to make a sword from.


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Last I knew you could get a steel from Germany that was a W2 equivalent. I bought some from Dr. Batson a couple of years ago here in the States. Hopefuly, this will give you a direction to start looking in. This is what he told me about it.


The steel is Thyssen Thyodur 2833. It is a German made w-2 steel with from

.95 to 1.10 % carbon and with .25 % vanadium.



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