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A couple of new ones....

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I've been out of town a lot lately, but I have managed to squeeze in a LITTLE shop time....


The "Deker Neker" (these pictures aren't that great...I'll have to get better ones):


1084/15n20 in a "Gordian Knot" pattern

about 4-4.5" OAL








And this one is a donation to my blacksmith guild for their yearly raffle. If Don has no objection, I'll post info on how to buy tickets for this and out other raffle items for this year.


378 layers 1084/15n20 in a "random" pattern

5" edge, just a hair over 10" OAL

stainless guard, black paper Micarta spacer, and cocobolo










Let me know what you folks think!



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Those are some very good looking pieces, I would be very proud of them. I haven't really worked with damascus very much. I like the gracefull lines without all the frills . I much prefer a useful durable knife over a radical art blade ,don't get me wrong I really admire knives that are all engraved with gold ,silver and such but, your blades have the right touch congrats. JIM

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Great looking damascus, nice designs! The second one reminds me of J Nielsons work, which is a good thing!


This one was actually intended to look similar in design to J.'s work. It's quite a compliment to know that it worked :)





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