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jake cleland

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after all my tanto questions, i'm gonna prove that i have the attention span of a gnat and post a design for a falcatta/kopis inspired piece i came up with today. the blade will be about 12", which is about the limit of what i can harden at the moment. i'll make it outa some old agricultural steel which i think is around 1060/70, with wooden scales and probably brass bolsters.




what do you reckon?

Jake Cleland - Skye Knives


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Awww F(*&).......

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I envy people who can sketch their ideas down on paper. I have to go from brain to steel. I love the design. If you're right about the steel, it should be a good choice for a chopper. If the end product turns out like the sketch who ever buys that knife is probably going to feel compelled to chop something with it.


Doug Lester

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That is a great design!


My only problem with it is the tail/finger guard thing. I am a practical sword and knife user, being an actual sword fighter in my down time. That tail is great for protection and very pretty but I think it might hinder the user a bit. I haven't ever played with this kind of blade, and would be willing to do so ... ;op ... should you care to send the finished product to me.


Anyways, great design ... keep us posted

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