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Archie Zietman

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I have a box of 20 Mule Team Borax powder. I am wondering, do I need to cook it in my oven for a while before using it to get any water out, or can I just use it as is?



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You can use it straight up but the water in it might make it splatter just a bit. A lot of people use it right out of the box with not trouble at all.


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I've always used it right out of the box. Just make sure the metal is hot when you put it on. It will puff up as the water evaporates.

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Archie, as the water in the soap boils off, the stuff will foam up. Depending on the amount of air blast that can blow some off the billet you're working on. Baking it on a cookie sheet in the oven works pretty well for getting rid of the water. Even anhydrous borax, if left exposed to the humidity in the air, will pick up water and foam a little sometimes.


Otherwise, it's good old borax and will work just fine for welding flux.

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