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Hi Guys !

thought i'd share those pictures with you bunch of metal addicts !


The first one is a camp knife i am making, directly inspired by M. Neilson's Burlap Camp knife (which is very nice).

Made from 5160 and around 10 inches for the blade length. Of course this is still in the rough grinding stage. Not having a belt grinder makes it a little longer to get where you want to.

I eliminated a lot of hammer marks that i use to do. Well of course, finding out that i was using a hammer with a handle made for a left hand got me pissed. So i switched to a hammer that one of my friends gave me and put a new handle on it (a right one this time). God what a difference !




This one is being worked on by my friend Bob. He had an old filet knife that really needed to be replaced. Also made from 5160 and he grinded it using a backing board (priceless advices from you guys) and things stayed straight even after heat-treating.




Comments more than welcomed !


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Here is some other pictures of the same one :

Rough grinding (as rough as you can get with a file) is finished and i just did my 3 normalization process !




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