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Got a few blisters in my billet

Bob Geldart

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My biggest blisters yet!




Here's a trick:

Pop 'em with a punch in a couple spots around the middle of the blister, and use a 1/4" dia. drill bit to open up the holes, drill down just slightly until you are through the blistered area and down to the main thickness.

Heat up and flux, bring back to a welding heat, and weld with a rounded face hammer. try not to hammer directly on the hole but on the edge of the blistered area working towards centre, flux and reheat if necessary. You should be able to tell quickly if you have it welded down. The dents in the billet should even out fast when you draw out between folds.

Best of luck.

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I hate it when that happens....

The edges closed up before the flux could get out, I suspect. I have managed to save a billet with a blister by drilling down into the blister then rewelding, but it was shallow, and these look deep, so it may or may not work.


I actually get better welds using a hand-held hammer than I do with a power-hammer, but I'm limited to smaller billets doing it by hand. With the hand hammer I can start closing it up in the middle of the billet and work my way out to the edges, squeezing out flux as I go. With a powerhammer, it is start at one end and work to the other, with all the flux pushed out to the end of the billet.


I feel your pain.

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I don't think those go down too deep. In my experience, the bigger the bulge, the thinner the material. A really deep cold shut in my experience does not form a blister but rather a delamination.

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