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Where to get european 1050-1070 steel?

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Hey guys

I recently broke a blade, trying to differently heattreat a 20" wak made out of 1%carbon steel.

I even left the edge really thick.

This was the first time i tried to quench this steel in water (and last).

But i did get a really nice tanto out of it though :rolleyes:


Now for my question:

Is there any european smiths out there that knows where to get a european equal to 1050 or 1070.

It has to be low in manganese.

The only stuff i can seem to find is the 1% stuff.

I tried to order some 1050 and 1070 from the states, but the postage was almost double the steel price.



I hope someone out there can help me.



Michael Stein

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you would get no joy from the UK .we can get w2 but that is 1% C however it does seem to survive an interupted water quench well .all our lower carbon steels are .7 or .8 manganese.

forging soul in to steel



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