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  2. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    LOL....I don't own it I found the video on youtube...but ya gotta admit if you could put a good quality blade together AND have it stun someone at the same time it cuts them...it would be highly amusing...
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  4. First ever edged weapon, finished

    Well, today the sword went to its new owner, which gave me mixed feelings of elation to see how ecstatic the new owner was, but on the other hand sadness to see it go! Anyway, I'm the end I really did reach the limit of my endurance with sanding, I guess if it were for myself k would've gone further than 400 grit. There are many things that I will do a whole bunch better the next time around, particularly, -flatter more even bevels -a more consistent shape to the saya -proper menuki -a better job with the Ito wrap. I used Buffalo horn for the kurikata, and African blackwood (dalbergia melanoxylon) for the koiguchi and kojiri, which seemed to work well, at least it smells better than Buffalo horn when cutting it!! Well, here are the pictures. Once again, thank you so much to all for the kind words as well as wealth of information passed on.
  5. first piece

    How do you manage to make micarta??
  6. Busy Few Weeks

    Well done.......that's how many I manage in a good year.....
  7. first piece

    I put a few strategically placed notches into the pins using a file, and make sure the notches are full of epoxy. I use mostly home made micarta for handles and a good long cure epoxy, because the epoxy bonds so well with the micarta that really locks in the pin.
  8. Are these metals compatable for forge welding together

    Good point! Somehow I missed that, but yes, that is likely as well.
  9. first piece

    Peening the pins is not necessary if you epoxied them good.
  10. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    He heard drums of war beat like thunder, arrows fell like the rain, and the clammor of battle crashed like lightning. But still felt the breeze carrying the currents like the crane cascading down through the valley. He saw waves of men collide like the ocean onto the rocky shore. Still he knew the tides diligently came bearing their bounty. An honorable death. The hard steel cut down fathers and sons like wheat at harvest, but he thought of the mountain standing tall, and the soil that gave it's nourishment to his new seed. Fires burned like the hatred that filled the hearts of some, but had also given him warmth and refuge from the cold nights. He thought of his family; watching the flames at the same moment as he. And so was the young soldier; swift as the wind, dillegent as the tide, steady as the mountain, and shielding as the fire. His swords were forged from the same black sands on the shore that his family would gather their food, in the same fire he watched with them in mind. He gave the swords life in the water from the same ocean that gave it's bounty to his family. It was one year ago since he made the blades, they gave him hope and the courage to fight to live for another. He was tought by a man named Masamune. He was a great, honorable, patient, loving man, who had shown him how to embue swords with the likeness of their creator. Part of his soul lived within his blades. And so, he fought with an extention of himself. The blades like his senses never dulled; like his courage, they never broke; like his love, they persevered.
  11. A fighter with a twist

    I agree completely!
  12. A fighter with a twist

    Someone once told me: There's a saddle for every ass and an ass for every saddle. Whether or not I would want that particular style, I know that there are folks who do want that, and would love that knife. I will tell you what I do really like about it, and that is the creativity in design. It's very refreshing to see someone pushing the envelope every now and again. Great job, brother.
  13. Busy Few Weeks

    +1 Kickin' some serious booty.
  14. Very simple beginners forge!!!

    What is really hauling back on my brain chain is that you have apparently crossed that gossamer curtain between the DIY venturi and blown worlds, to wit: "Blown burner" = open simple end on burner. Little tuning. Blower/electricity needed. "Venturi burner" = no blower needed but more complicated burner tip. More tuning may be needed. "THIS design" = Simple open end on burner tube. Little tuning. No blower. Wow! It's a little bit country and a little bit rock &roll. It's dogs & cats living together. It's forged stock removal.
  15. first piece

    So, first complete blade done! Learned some good lessons along the way. 1. Be patient! 2. With everyone's help, I learned about decalesense, which made it possible for that old file become a knife. 3. Give myself a more finished bevel prior to heat treat! 4. Hand sharpening real hardened steel, not your over the counter kitchen knife, is a bitch! Reference lesson 3! 5. And finally, do not put flame to your handle, even though the finished product looks cool....may have burned out a little epoxy. Now, I have one more question...how the heck are you supposed to profile and sand your scales and still be able to peen....cuz, I have the pins in, but they aren't peened! Still feels solid. Will see later. Thanks for your help everyone, I have a new addiction.
  16. OK gang, decision question

    Glad I could help!
  17. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    In an artsy fartsy state of mind...
  18. Vulcan anvil question

    So this is where AIA comes in handy but is a vulcan anvils horn cast iron? I remember reading somewhere that the top of fisher anvil horns are steel but is this true with vulcan. The reason i ask is because i was watching a review about the NC Calvary anvil and he didn't have many good things to say about it. One thing in particular was how beat up the horn got from only doing a few scrolls. Now i was considering buying one till now because if the horn on my vulcan is cast iron it has held up a hell of a lot better than this.
  19. OK gang, decision question

    That "warm feeling" is caused by the friction from my eraser almost setting my paper on fire as I delete yet another goof. I like "lil Wayne Jr." Actually about what I had in mind in the beginning. You did a better job than I did of mantaining a constant arc to the spine. Given a few factors I would use local myrtlewood and brass pins however. Thanks Zeb!
  20. The sound of Blue

    I'd wear them proudly, sir. I had an inkling once, but it's been many years and more miles since then. . . .And Master Elodin refused to teach me regarding stone. He said I was too hot headed.
  21. Are these metals compatable for forge welding together

    I'd say your issue could be surface de-carb; if you're taking the blade to a mirror finish before h-t, it seems likely that you aren't removing enough surface after hardening to get down to clean hardened steel...
  22. Very simple beginners forge!!!

    I will do some experimenting with burner placement and keep everyone updated.
  23. Very simple beginners forge!!!

  24. OK gang, decision question

    I guess you're right... Backing off now! Use any part of it you want Vern!
  25. OK gang, decision question

    And here's lil' Wayne Jr.
  26. OK gang, decision question

    Surely Vern wouldn't have the warm feeling of designing the knife himself but I think he should like this design
  27. Very simple beginners forge!!!

    I have thought about other ways to do this also. Another thing i did yesterday was forge a flare in a pipe and drilled a bigger hole and now have that attached to the forge so it makes a longer stack and gets the hose a little further away from the heat. I will post a picture when i get some more charge to the phone. It wont open the camera on low battery!
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