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  2. Jeff Is this a rhetorical question , an intellectual challenge or is this something you are needing? Have you experimented with this technique or at least hypothesized ? What have you done up to now?.
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  4. Alan, Dan, and Jeppe, Thanks for the replies! I'm not so concerned about when the drawplate arrived compared to how it was first made (well). Consider the following challenge: You're given a few kilos of wrought iron, a forge, anvil, hammers and tongs, and 100g (3 t oz) of silver (or if you're rich, gold) and asked to produce the thinnest 10 meter long round wire you can. What would you do? Jeppe: That link took me to an abstract, not the project. Is there another link? -Jeff
  5. How should I mount this?

    Well I have a 1in spade bit that I planned on using. My drill is an impact so the hole saw bits and what not are pretty expensive.
  6. Bird and trout

    Initial cure done.
  7. How should I mount this?

    I don't know if it's amazing or not, but it will probably work. I thought abut this again last night and you might want to get a hole saw. https://www.homedepot.com/p/BLU-MOL-3-1-4-in-Bi-Metal-Hole-Saw-552/205683528 You probably have to buy the mandrel and bit for the hole saw and you would still need the chisel and the rotary rasp.
  8. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    I am awestruck, speechless... it looks like you went back in time and brought it forward!
  9. antique wootz finish problem

    All right, then all that's left to do is refixing the hilt and I'm finally finished with it, and I can move on to other pieces with more potential. Thank your for the input. Gernot
  10. Big pattern welded seax with serpent

    The seax was sold As soon as the handle is changed - that's the customer's wish - You were right Ruggero.
  11. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    Gorgeous work!
  12. Bowie fighter for anti-poaching friend

    Thanks Byron. It looks schweet. I’m sure your friend is going to be proud of that one. You should be too.
  13. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    Very nice indeed
  14. Bowie fighter for anti-poaching friend

    There is some serious knifeness going on there. I like it.
  15. Anvil stand

    I made my last one from a bunch of salvaged 3/4" idc plywood squares cross stacked and held together with inch and quarter deck screws and construction adhesives. I like the square sides because I plan on putting wheels on one side and a removable handle so I can move it around.
  16. How should I mount this?

    That's a amazing idea thank you!
  17. What did you do in your shop today?

    That is awesome Alan! The accent carvings are schweet. Nicely done dude. I think I can see the edge steel in the top photo. It's difficult to tell with the finish so smooth.
  18. How should I mount this?

    Here's a suggestion. Buy a cheap wood chisel, A rotary rasp, some JB Weld Steel stick, and some Teflon tape. https://www.homedepot.com/p/TEKTON-3-4-in-Wood-Chisel-67554/205575814 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-1-4-in-Steel-Rotary-Rasp-File-for-Rasping-and-Filing-Soft-Metal-RR682/205869635 https://www.homedepot.com/p/J-B-Weld-2-oz-SteelStik-8267/300136541 Set the anvil thingy end up on the stump and draw a circle around it. Go to town with the chisel and carve out the circle about 2 inches deep and smooth out the bottom with the rotary rasp in the cordless drill. Don't worry about being slightly over-sized with the hole. You will fix that with the Teflon tape and the JB Weld. Smear a little petroleum jelly or WD40 on the anvil thingy and wrap it two times with the Teflon tape. Insert it into the hole. Pack the voids around it with the JB Weld. It will be critical that the anvil thingy is straight up and down and the top surface is fairly level. You might want to get three small angle brackets to use as levelers against the sides and screw the other leg to the stump while the JB Weld sets up. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-2-in-Galvanized-Corner-Brace-4-Pack-15267/202033914 The grease and Teflon tape should allow the anvil to be removed from the stump, if necessary.
  19. Grinders, grinders, grinders....

    Well in the true way things go for me, a week after my new Coote grinder arrived with the pulley to mate up with the the stepper pulley on a motor I have, wouldn't you know it, a very clean disassembled/parts missing, treadmill with motor and speed control fell in to my lap for the incredible price of free. I was so fluzzled I just walked away from a finitiob project I was working on. You just can't have anything else on your mind when doing that.
  20. Burner Placement

    The art of understatement is practiced here
  21. How should I mount this?

    Guess the dimensions would have been helpful. Sorry gents. The rod is 80 80mm (3.25in) x 6in The stump is 17in dia x 24.5in long. I plan on getting a couple of 4x4 and lay them down as a bad for the stump. I have very minimal tools. I can get someone toweld anything I need. But all I really have is a 18v cordless, a few files and a 2x72. And nothing but time
  22. How should I mount this?

    What diameter is that chunk of steel?
  23. Last photos of my first S guard.

  24. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    Ditto on that !!........
  25. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

  26. Bird and trout

    Same! It's a good look. Glad it worked out for you.
  27. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    Hello everyone! Vorace is the other sword that we brought from wilmot, from Tannery Pond of the Sword Reflexions class of May of this year. It is made in 5160 steel following the directives of the class curriculum. the total length is 122 cm and the blade measures 96 cm. the weight is 1.6 kgs. hope you like. Sorry for my bad English
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