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  2. Thanks Alan! It was the first time I actually cut my fingers while hand sanding. I guess that's what you call a zero edge Thanks! Around 1/8" at the spine at bolster. Zero at edge Thank you sir!
  3. I love that clean angular look, nice!
  4. That is an outstanding little knife, well done!
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  6. I really like that one. That yew is pretty awesome.
  7. That’s beautiful! What’s the thickness?
  8. Here's my latest. 6" 80CrV2 blade with the infamous mustard patina, micarta bolster and lacewood. Critique welcomed!
  9. Furnace or lime kiln. If the liner is straight-sided from top to bottom it's a lime kiln.
  10. ... eeee ... Jake ... I'm kissing them all ... hahahah ...
  11. I got talked into going to a physiotherapist and that's been a painful but fascinating experience..... I've had a painful bump on my Achilles tendon for several years now, did several hikes with it and I've grown used to limping the first two steps after sitting down..... Bumped my toes pretty badly while ago and there's been a shooting pain in my foot under certain conditions. I was told physiotherapists work on the cause of the problem, seemed to hold true and right at the start of the second session I mentioned my sore wrist from draw filing, she took her thumb and pressed right on the spot high up on my forearm.......right where the supposed pain in my wrist was actually from. The human body is a strange thing..... The end result is I had a major wake-up call, I'm in very bad shape and I need to make a plan. I've started doing planks since I was told sit-ups have now been proven bad for your back, and I realized I'm too heavy and untoned for even the basic yoga I did.....
  12. Ah, maybe its not 40 feet http://www.austinexplorer.com/Locations/ShowLocation.aspx?LocationID=1952
  13. It could be a kiln, theres one here at a place called reed park, I have some hard fire bricks that might have come from there. Its huge, I used to climb it with my dad, it was 40+ feet tall.
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!
  15. Thanks man! Really happy with how thin this one is. 0.2mm at the heel and 0.1 at the tip Thanks very much.
  16. Munch, crunch, slurp, .... burp !!...............sceuwse me......................
  17. Oh I’m gonna have to file in a small Choil as well, or the first 16th of an inch off the ricasso won’t be sharpened.
  18. Dont bend up your tang too bad! That's a short blade, you might have trouble trying to shwack it. Btw, now would be a great time to clean up the upper ridge of that pitting. Unless you like the look. Keep at it man! Looking good so far!
  19. Why didn’t I think of that... I will go do that now, and then during the normalizing, I’m gonna use my shwacker and put a slight bow in the blade, this one is gonna be one heck of a slicer, I want to do one of them empty soda can cut tests. I’ve got some rope in My garage too.
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  21. Just finished this up. Made it at the start of the year but never got around to polishing the blade, and today a visitor saw it and wanted to buy it, so I said I'd get it finished for tomorrow. 3" blade with a wrought spine and silver steel edge, etched first in ferric then in coffee. Antler bolster with copper trim. Carved Yew Burr handle. let me know what you think...
  22. Yeah I don’t know idea anything can be done without making the edge thinner, so I’ll have to deal with it.
  23. There really isn't much difference - they're both wide, flat tangs that taper in two planes, but I suppose it's more Anglo Saxon , in that it's centred on the blade and tapers to a narrower end...
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